Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday was the 9th Birthday of my tousle-haired, rascal of a son. Happy Birthday Alfie, my beautiful boy xxx Pin It

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last week I got up at 4.30 am and travelled the 2 hours+ to Dorchester to set up a stall at Poundbury. As if the ungodly hour was not enough, my normally reliable and safe car decided to play up badly and I literally limped my way there. I had a problem with my automatic gears so that I was stuck in a high gear. This meant crawling up hills at 20 miles per hour!!! Pulling away from roundbouts and junctions wasn't fun either. I have no break down cover as this is one of those things I was going to get round to. Luckily Mum and Saff were coming to see me later in the day so I phoned them and told them that I may need rescuing.

I set up my stall and decided not to think about the journey home until I had to!
It was a great day, very sunny, wonderful turnout and the usual mix of very interesting people both on the stalls and customers. I loved my stall and had far more space than I had given myself in the kitchen when I did my mock up. I took some photos but I am sorry that they aren't up to much. I blame the early start and traumatic journey!

Linda has some wonderful pictures on her blog of the downstairs, outdoor, stalls which looked like a lovely French brocante, and Lizzie has some more of upstairs. There were some real treasures, some of which came home with me.

One of my customers is this talented lady who makes the most stunning dolls. She sent me photos of a doll she has since made using the fabric she bought from me on Wednesday. Beautiful isn't she? Look at all the work that has gone into this creation.

........... and the journey home? Fine! No problems at all although I have to admit I felt much safer with my escort home.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things that are making me happy today.............

These beautiful union jack cushions from Louise Loves

My new vintage fabric buttons from Allison set on cards designed by Claire

I am off to Poundbury tomorrow to sell fabrics to the good people of Dorchester. I have to be up at some ungodly hour so an early night is in store for me tonight! Here is a mock up of my stall.

Did you spot that cheeky baby Olivia peeking out while I practise my stall? She's another reason to be happy, what a gorgeous, easy going, little baby she is!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Olivia

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I have been rather busy and distracted of late. The main reason for this is the arrival of my little niece, Olivia, and my sister, Saff, who are over from USA. It is the first time we have met baby Olivia. My three are absolutely smitten with their new cousin and can't keep their hands off her! Pin It

Monday, May 04, 2009

Vintage Bling

Well my Open House Sale is over. Here I am with my lovely helper and daughter Jasmine.

It was a rip roaring success and I would like to thank everyone who came to it and made it such a great event. It was wonderful to see people coming together and making new contacts. My kitchen was a hubbub of ideas and creativity as everyone shared their creative knowledge. It was a great treat for me to be part of this. Saturday was a very sociable day and the house was full all day long. I got to meet a few new bloggers like Laura and Martha and some more familiar faces such as Sue and Katie came along to support me as well. I sold loads and am now trying desperately to catch up with restocking the website as I also had a flurry of orders. This is in part due to the article I am featured in in Sew Hip. It's a great article, well written and beautifully illustrated with pictures of my fabrics. I was delighted with it.

After the sale was over and I had packed it all away there was only one thing to do. Go shopping for more! Actually I very rarely find any textiles at local bootsales and Sunday was no exception. However I did come across one stall that had what I thought was buttons on. When I got closer I realised that they were in fact earrings, clip on earrings from the 1950's. The lady had trays of them with hundreds of pairs on display. I started looking at them and when I found out the price I picked out lots of pairs. She then got out several large ice cream cartons full of cash bags, you know the ones you get in banks with change in, full of necklaces. They were the same price so I started selecting a few of those too. When I had finished looking she then told me she had another box full of bracelets. These wonderful pieces were once her mother's and she was now selling them as her mother had dementia and had just gone into a home. She was allowed 12 pieces in her room but her daughter was sure that she wasn't even aware she had those, so sad. She must have been a well turned out lady, beautifully coordinated. Here is what I bought:

Aren't they beautiful? And the price? 20p per item. Yes, that is all! I am going to treasure these bits. My girls are going to enjoy them too. What a great find don't you think? Pin It